Evidentia is a management consulting and innovation company that supports the development of people and organizations.


Our mission is to restore meaning of work as a place of personal expression.

Some words guide and inspire our projects, without transforming into boundaries.
Words like these


Co-creation is our way to design systems, programmes, workshops. To build sustainable, lasting, impactful results. Here they are, our projects

Evidentia ON AIR

Our “other” way to realize people development and training.
In virtual but without keeping distance.
Chasing more the harmony of being ‘on the air’ than the efficiency of the ‘online’.
Because we want to welcome new needs while maintaining our usual way to fulfill them.
That is, listening to the person who is in the professional and talking to both of them.
To seize the opportunity to work better and to feel better.
A virtue out of necessity.


Transformative coaching is the path that activates personal and professional change, with the dual perspective of the growth of the coachee and of the coach himself: thus focusing expectations, modalities and dynamics of the client together with the awareness of the proper biases and potential.

It is a training path towards coaching, it is a “transformation journey“, which provides tools to support the client to achieve his goals and allows to create a personal style of coaching that effectively mixes Trust, tension to the result (Target) and look to the future (Trend).


The story of what happens to us and of what we make happen.
Not all the facts, for sure all the inspirations.