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Maria Vittoria Colucci

I am a business economist, organisational development expert, innovation facilitator, executive counselor and coach. What do these experiences have in common?
The desire to act in the workplace, where many people spend a large part of their lives, to bring innovation, change, well-being. For 25 years I have been working with passion for this purpose. In my life I’ve experienced the need of putting together things that are often seen as opposite or in conflict. That’s why I like to combine and merge knowledges and practices, in other words, as we would say in Evidentia I like “contanimazioni”!


Anna Forciniti

Evidentia co-founder. Management consultant for 23 years, for profit and non profit organizations. I like working on innovation facilitation, management and cultural innovation by building bridges: between people and organisations, between the numbers of business, the embellishments of arts & culture, the civil society. Graduated in Economics and Sustainable Development, FORTH Innovation Method certified facilitator, Executive coach WABC™.
Evidentia is the place where I can contribute to a culture of sustainability, innovation, social impact.
Together with the co-founders I cured the Italian version of the book “The Innovation Expedition” of Gijs van Wulfen.


Letizia Migliola

I cultivate vegetables in the countryside and people’s talents in organisations. The process is analogous: constant care, competence, passion. I have been involved in people development for  27 years, and spent many years in companies in management roles, and as Director of the Corporate University of an important Italian industrial group.?Then I discovered that I want to make a concrete contribution to the search for a different and more satisfactory way of working, not from within an organisational context but by creating it.?With Evidentia, I have freed my curiosity about the world, the desire to innovate, and the pleasure of working in harmony and with joy.


Laura Rossi

Theatre and Philosophy have been my life’s passion and field of specialisation for a long time, and now they have made a comeback through my way of supporting the professional development of people in companies. Alongside this, as Executive ICF Coach, I dedicate myself to the development of female talent, and all the various aspect of individual and organisational well-being and leadership. The objective being to succeed in getting others to work, in the way I like, with professionalism and lightness. Evidentia for me is a place of shared creation, exchange, and comparison of ideas. It is the stage on which to represent new and different ways of doing business to companies and people. It is my energy transformed into reality, the reality of professional accomplishment.

Our team

Manuela Bernardi

Laureata in Sociologia e specializzata nella gestione e formazione delle risorse umane, dimostra una grande passione per i comportamenti sociali, economici e organizzativi. Il suo obiettivo, personale e professionale, è contribuire alla creazione di una cultura condivisa, inclusiva e caratterizzata da un ottimismo flessibile in cui si impari ad accettare e a gestire le emozioni individuali.

Ennio Di Tommaso

Trainer, consultant, coach, he has worked for many years in large organizations and consulting companies. Passionate about mindfulness and technology, he’ always looking for new ways to improve people’s well-being.

Eleonora Torrisi

Office manager within the Evidentia team. I strongly believe in the horizontality of knowledge and the sharing of knowledge, innovation starts from “simple” things.

Tommaso Bordignon

Consultant and Coach-in-Training with experience in the innovative world of startups. Passionate about health, with a particular interest in prevention through lifestyle modification.