Two crucial moments, which are opportunities and challenges for people as well as for organizations. Onboarding is the beginning of a generative process, the meeting between the individual potential, longing to come out, and the organizational context that has the responsibility to enable theexpression of people’s motivations, expectations, values and skills. Talent Management leads the mix of Dare, Develop and Do. Dare – to be an agent of innovation, Develop – to improve your competence constantly and Do – make your talent visible in performance and in results.

Target: onboarders and pool of talents

Some challenges we faced: learning to learn from experience, acting constructively at the edge of the board as new entrasts, living talent as a responsibility in the balance between aspiration and engagement.


Rethinking the formulas of action and day-to-day management: managerial innovation is for us the key to the change of corporate culture towards excellence, engagement, sustainability of results over time.

We build with managers new practices of listening, generativity, inclusion and innovation. With tools that come from the world, bringing into the business the wealth and disruptive power of languages and approaches of other sectors and perspectives.

Target: top manager, middle manager, executive.

Some challenges we faced: the transition from technical guidance to people leadership and development, integration of forward feedback skills inside people management practises, development of an innovative mindset oriented to problem solving and leadership in everyday working life.


The quality of the results for the company and the internal and external image towards the customer often come out from the performance level of daily actions. Our key to upgrading individual performance is to understand the individual’s approach to work, his or her personal motivation, with a focus on self-awareness as leverage to trigger change in one’s behaviors.

Target: operations staff, middle managers, employees

Some challenges we faced: recovering professional quality and effectiveness by acting on role reputation, developing motivation by working on the perception of daily work, the sense of contribution and participation in results, how to use the power of the team to recover motivation.


Happy performance happens when people express their qualities at work, when they find meaning in daily effort, when they experience positive relationships around them.

With front-end staff we develop new awareness of the value behind each contact with customers, as a prerequisite to develop effective behaviors, listening and problem-taking skills. We lead them focus on the meaning of their work and to find the connection between their intrinsic motivation and the purpose of the organization. From this point forward it is possible to deal with organizational behaviors in order to enhance or change them.

Target: large-scale cashier, customer service and customer care operators, security, store manager and sales assistant, receptionist

Some challenges we faced: Recognizing yourself as an important part of the company’s reputation, as protagonists of customer retention and the profitability of some services